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11 week show 

Description- This project was my first project for a client which was a lot of fun. It was pretty cool as we filmed trivia night and a film in the theater as well. We also were able to get comedy night. The best part was the interview we shot of the owner of Parkway Theater.

credit - I edited all of the footage into a 4 minute promotion video for Parkway Theater, I also did all of the audio work.

Lexi- B roll 

JJ- Main camera 

Jack- Main camera 

Hez - Did b-roll but with a gimbal

Josh- B-roll 

music- All music is credited by Purple Planet-

Smoking PSA

Description - This PSA is very special to me because I know so many people in my life who have been effected by smoking and E-cigs.

credit-  I used After Effects and all the graphics and titles I created were either created in Adobe After Effects or Illustrator. Sound effects was able to get royalty free from-

Panama City, Florida Narrative

Description - This project was special to me because I was given the opportunity to go to Florida with my family and was able to record some really nice ocean and beach shots in this Promotion video for Panama City, Florida.

Credit - I filmed all the shots on my Canon DSLR that is shown in the promotion video. I also edited it all as well.

music - All music is credited to purple planet-

Custom Project - I wanna be in the MLB

Description-  This video is about my love and comedy for baseball. Some clips towards the end of the video whenever Andrew is going in slow motion are inspired from baseball movies I have watched before like for example the movie Major League.

Credits- Me - edited, put clips together and shot with a Canon Rebel T8i DSLR and gimbal was used as well.

Andrew Naggy - was the main actor and voice over in this film.

Hez Stump - used his gimbal in the film and was an extra in the film.

Music- all music is credited too-

This was a hype football video for Neshannock a high school near me this footage was shot at Clark's studio in New castle PA.

Credit- All music rights go to David Anaya. Credit to Clark's studio for letting me shoot this footage at there studio.

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